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Mr. Rodgers Coleman

Yearbook Sponsor

Yearbook Class Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the VMS Jacket Sting as a class this year.  Before you make a final decision about participating in the class, there is some information you should have.  Journalism is a class in which the Yearbook and Office PowerPoint are published.  Certainly, interest and aptitude for writing are important qualities for anyone wishing to be in yearbook.  The class also requires committed students who are able to manage time in order to meet deadlines and who are able to work independently to complete assignments; however, the student must also be a superior team worker who can accept compromise and group decisions gracefully.  Excellent attendance is required in order to complete tasks.  If selected, anyone neglecting to commit to these responsibilities will be dropped from the class.


If you feel you meet the above requirements, you should be aware of some unique features of the class.  First, class size is limited; therefore, a selection process is necessary.  The completion of the application with your signature and a parent signature  Next, you must be aware that the class meets during FLEX Time. You will only have roughly 30 minutes to work on Yearbook assignments. Your ability to be in class on time and begin work immediately is necessary.  It is very important that you and your parents understand this commitment.  

Yearbook involves writing for many purposes.  It also involves many talents which may include art, computer, photography, and sales skills.

Please fill out an application to begin the process of joining VMS Jacket String.  There are two options to fill out an application. Option 1 is completing the application online. (If you complete the application online, please know that it is still mandatory that you turn in a student portfolio by the deadline date to Mr. Coleman.) Option 2 will allow you to print out the application form to be completed. 

Printable Yearbook Application 2020-2021