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Student Resources

District Websites
Vernon Middle School Homepage
Breakfast/Lunch Payments
Focus Access
Vernon Elementary School Homepage
Vernon High School Homepage
Vernon Middle School Facebook Page
Washington County School District Homepage

Student Curriculum Websites 

ELA Websites
SpringBoard (ELA)
ELA Games
ELA Middle School
ELA Resources
Quizlet ELA
Read Theory
Vocabulary Workshop

Math Websites
Big Ideas Math
IXL Math
A+ Math
AAA Math
Math Games
Math is Fun
Math Middle School
Math Playground
Math Resources
Math Score
Online Math Learning
Quizlet Math
Study Jam
XP Math
Battleship (Coordinate Plane Activity)
More Coordinate Plane Activities
Mean, Median, and Mode

Algebra Nation

World Cultures Websites
World Cultures Textbook
Geography Games
History Channel
National Geographic
World Cultures Middle School

Science Websites
Science Curriculum Website
Glencoe Science
Interactive Science
PBS Learning Media
Quizlet Science
Science Channel
Science Games
Science Middle School
Science Online Learning
Science Resources
Science USA
Science Websites
Study Jam

Student Websites
AR Testing
Focus Access
Khan Academy
School Email

State Assessment Practice Websites
FSA Practice Test
PARCC Practice 1 (ELA)
PARCC Practice 2 (ELA)
PARCC Practice 3 (ELA)
PARCC Practice 1 (Math)
PARCC Practice 2 (Math)
PARCC Practice 3 (Math)

News Resources
Channel 13 News
Channel 4 News
Channel 7 News
Chipley Bugle
Chipley Observer
CNN News
Dothan Eagle
Foster Folly
Fox News
New York Post
New York Times
News Herald
Washington County Paper
Weather Channel